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Services For Condominiums And Private Individuals

Contracts and job orders

We follow work contracts from the planning to the approval.
  • Planning of interventions for building restorations.
  • Arrangements of technical and contractual documents.
  • Supervision of works.
  • Static and technical-administrative approvals.

Building, infrastructures and industry
  • Analysis of structural problems
  • Examination of damages
  • Examination of design faults and of the works performed
  • Analysis of infiltrations, leakages and other problems in buildings
  • Execution of surveys, investigations and technical consulting.
  • Controversies with condominiums or firms.

Estimate and real estate

We evaluate every type of property and provide services of technical support in the conduct and trade of real estates.
  • Evaluation of real estates and terrains for trades, distribution of estates, subdivisions, mergers.
  • Evaluation of real estate investments.
  • Determination of the causes and evaluation of the damages towards real estates and properties in consequence of accidents.
  • Condominium regulations and expense rate chart.
  • Due Diligence: technical inspections, assets analysis, the quality and the condition of real estates, the evaluation of timing and costs necessary for the adjustment; the determination of risks, criticality and potentiality.
  • Technical-administrative and urbanistic surveys and inspections.


Services of environmental engineering for building and territory
  • Energetic and environmental certifications (LEED, BREEAM, ITACA, CASACLIMA, etc).
  • Analysis of environmental risks related to acquisition of real estates and terrains or to the execution of construction projects.
  • Inspections on the causes of environmental pollution.
  • Evaluation of environmental damages caused by dispersion of polluting substances.


RCE - RICCIARDI CONSULTING ENGINEERS is an engineering office operating in Italy since 1983 previously named Studio Consulenze d'Ingegneria founded by prof. engr. Andrea Ricciardi. During these years the RCE office developed expertises in many fields of engineering: building, transportation, industry and environment.

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